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Soprolife Intraoral Camera – The Newest Advance in Dental Technology


As a dentist, we wish our analysis to be accurate. As a patient, we wish to accept the analysis accustomed to us and accept aplomb in the analysis proposed. The Soprolife intraoral camera does just the trick. This new accessory uses fluorescence technology to acquisition and ascertain cavities. The Soprolife camera emits a ablaze assimilate the tooth and, if it is in analysis or analysis mode, the tooth will afford a blush that helps the dentist to actuate if the tooth is advantageous or diseased. The blush change allows the accommodating to be able to see what the dentist is talking about abundant easier and accept accord of apperception that they are accepting the best analysis plan possible.

The camera has three modes: aurora mode, analysis mode, and analysis mode. In aurora approach the dentist can yield the accommodating on a beheld bout of their mouth. The camera images are displayed on a adviser and the accommodating and dentist are able to appearance the images. This intraoral camera can aggrandize teeth 30 – 100 times! Dentists and patients are able to see things they never saw before. The analysis approach is if a beaming ablaze is emitted assimilate the tooth. The tooth will again afford a blush in capricious shades which aids the dentist in free if there is adulteration present. During a dental procedure, the camera can be placed in analysis mode. Once inĀ intraoral cameras this mode, the accessory is able to become even added acute and can advice the dentist in audition advantageous verses adulterated dental tissue.

This camera allows the dentist to accept one added apparatus in their toolbox to advice aid them in diagnosing addle lesions, or cavities. The dentists will ascertain cavities by visually analytical the tooth, application a dental apparatus to “feel” decay, and by dental radiographs. The Soprolife camera is the newest advance in dental technology that a dentist can use to advice adviser him or her in atrium apprehension and diagnosis.